Israeli scientists say they have managed to successfully reverse the biological aging process – using only oxygen.

New research , led by Tel Aviv University’s Prof. Doron Behar , deals with the blood and stem cells of elderly people who suffer from advanced illnesses, to regenerate their damaged cells to ensure their health is not decreased, studies showed.To reverse death’s grip on the body, the micro particles of a new drug were observed to play a major strategic role in the process of organ rejuvenation.The findings , published in the Archives of Biochemistry & Biophysics , certainly come as a surprise to those who may not know that amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is Can I say… My gaining ... During the last decades many studies have been conducted around the subject of rejuvenating the cells and tissues of the brain, kidneys, liver, heart, muscle, bones. However last gulf of studies mainly focused on anaerobes such as the ...

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