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Summoners War: Lost Centuria, the latest game in the global phenomenon series from Com2uS, launched into closed beta on Android devices this past weekend. From Saturday, Nov. 1 to Sunday, Nov. 3, a limited quantity of each Early Access-enrollment tier were available on Google Play and Amazon.

Users, individual devices are already receiving regular updates and are able to add friends.

"Compared to the first Closed Beta session, we've grown the demand considerably," said Tatsuyuki Sugawara and Kouhei Komatsu, founders of the Indian animation studio and Lootcakes brewing company. "Although our game sells in such large quantities to play, we are spending most of our time adding new friends and cooking the perfect game for them."

While such a large closed beta size presents challenges for restaurants like Mana Bar or Momiji Sushi, where payment is a donation to the development company, developer Cardboard Childrens, the partners figured with certain finite choices among thousands, it might interest those who enjoy the fast-paced, competitive and consistently fun game play.

"We are not known for having production regions that cater to just/few, so if Johnny doesn't enjoy the new game we're making, we might consider creating more games to appeal to Johnny's tastes," Komatsu said.

"So, we hope that other cafes across Japan will join in the excitement, and grow their restaurants to keep the game afloat." Said Sugawara.

As of today, early access users are able to create a profile, accept invitation from friends, create a topic, vote and keep score on battle results.



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