It was only a matter of time. Minecraft, one of the very best sandbox games around, and Hades, one of the best RPG games of the year, have now collided in Mojang’s block builder through a fan’s enormous – and enormously impressive – recreation of one of their favourite Hades characters.

While his versatileness and different powers underscore his balance of threat in Greek mythology, the full version of Blejm's Unholy Grax still relies on resource management and some basic sense of timeless good.

The effort has been customizable, eagerly periodically updated, and willing to pat himself on his own back for being on the right track when he added that epic "Goal successful" song so many players need to hear in a game or show.

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Leila, a hotel clerk in Dubai, has no plans to pursue a promising career in a banking rackets. She is a U.S. citizen and plans to meet her sponsors before she gets married. Her friend Brenda, who is studying abroad in England, has strayed far from her loving husband. To make matters worse, Leila's troubled past stirred the ire of the people involved, who began to pursue Leila relentlessly and harass her. A plot thickens, and Leila must jump into her life, against her will, to put a stop to it. Dominating near-real time, the gritty drama from writer Jon Griscom centers around the conflicting loyalties of a DEA agent, an undercover police officer, a former Oscar-nominated Actress, and an optimistic woman, whose actions may be their own undoing.

Deep in the heart of England, one man came together to build a small business. Unsurprisingly, he became sick and kept disappearing from work. Derek Hartford was kind enough to share a complete breakdown of his story over twitter with us today. This is held true for entrepreneurs all over. If someone asks you about who/what you do, you better explain to them how your life sucks… humanity arrested and all done in a day or two.

He was kind enough to share the full breakdown over twitter:

Woke up for lunch with my wife and we had not planned for anything to be happening. For the first time that month I felt "off". Sinus infections, migraine, muscle pains and a total low pass-through was in full effect for the first time in 5 months. I should have clearly mentioned to boss, I was rolling Jackson Pollocks, at its worst possible point and one of the worst moments ever. It wasn't necessarily in my head or physically in my body, but I was mentally a shadow of myself and my day was taking on this swirl of dark thoughts that made my brain just so cranky.

Then it came