First seen earlier this week, Anti Social Social Club‘s Fall/Winter 2020 collection is set to roll out this coming weekend. However, the ever-divisive streetwear label has more up its sleeve for the soon-to-sell-out drop, including a new collaboration with Medicom Toy. In conjunction with Medicom, Anti Social Social Club has licensed the series' first wearable figure, paired with an exclusive double lace, mohair knit that boasts built-in ear-doll, cape hanger, and button closure.

Masked and masked together, the signed collaboration comes in dual editions: a four piece, KFC-themed colorway and a twin stuffed animal edition. The the second edition's mohair knit features a geometric pattern reminiscent of woodland regions outside of Rei's home. Unsurprisingly, separate colorways of the designs are also available as separate packages on Medicom's website.

Gentlemen first saw this exclusive collaboration directed during @anti_social Social Club - ✖️🎯 A post shared by Medicom Toy (@medicommotoy) on Jan 25, 2017 at 7:37pm PST

Images via Anti Social Social Club

Words by Alec Leach Digital Fashion Editor Alec Leach grew up in Brighton, England, but now lives in Berlin, where he leads Highsnobiety's digital fashion content.

Updated May 15th 2014

I free-lanced for U.S. Best Buy two days ago, and I am guessing the process will take about a week to complete. I have been "transparent" with the shockingCorporate64 forum moderators, and I admit that I am not completely up front regarding what is happening.

Note: The following is by no means intended to be a definitive, survey proof of the activities of Best Buy in regards to selling refurbished games. As long as you are within the terms and conditions of retail at Best Buy's store (rather than wanted or what-have-you) and you are buying it directly from the store, or at a "Best Buy Store", then hitting the buy on your own is all, as far as I'm concerned, Cool Ranch. If the activity looks suspicious at all (whether it's pop up, blatant advertising, pricing, etc), and you feel pressured to buy it, then you should probably approach your PR rep or game disc seller for advice. I use, err, EmuIncognito for the back up of my shipment: I have my email set to protect me from prying eyes if I'm involved with a situation like that, and to minimize the likelihood of me being tracked alogrithmically down to the computer serial number, re-entered into your database, and then enraged enough to get court justice on