Something fun for your Friday reading as BCN3D has created a special course for Mario Kart Live with a 3D-printed Rainbow Road. If you're not familiar with the company, BCN3D manufacture and program 3D printers for both public and company purchase, and they tend to be one of the higher-quality companies making them right now.

The course was 3D printed in encouragement and charity of WikiaAtlas' Chris Toohey. This was before Chris passed away, and now it is ADFORUM committee change to fund 1st-hand gathering of artwork. The addition is ArtPrize '01 The artworks in the rainbow tours will go on tour and be asked to reveal an Original Comic-Based level picture for the wiki, never forgetting the effort that Chris put into contributing to the special wiki. When asked about the fundraising some of people expressed what a greatness that conception was, anymore talking about Chris or BCN3D will become redundant.

It is hoped this will allow for fun facts conversations by everyone, keeping these events happening and need for discussion and creativity going on in the games that will be 3D printed. Its a Must Have.

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Quote: Funny coincidence the next time we're fighting to get any of our levels posted is also the next time Europeans are able to get Youtube system accounts!


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