Fitbit has released a new update for its wearables OS, and adds some big new health and smart features to its line-up of devices.

Fitbit OS 5. 1 includes the Fitbit Bot, a Bluetooth Assisted Pulse Oximeter that can accurately detect when you are in violation of one's daily limit of activity. Using your Fitbit device, you will be able to access health and fit data that is essential for taking care of yourself, as well as alerting you to certain health conditions you may have come to notice.

As for tracking of your heart synchrony – well, that's a problem while you lie in bed. The new Fitbit App supported by Fitbit OS 5.1, helps to prevent that from happening by constantly checking heart-rate data from your Fitbit device.

Last, but certainly not least – while the terms and conditions are still in place, the Fitbit App has been made open source to spur local community development. Essentially, if you like the idea of a new Fitbit app for your Fitbit device, rather than incumbent, then you can give it a go on Github. After finalizing Fitbit OS 5.1, Fitbit Olympics voices would music-enabled heart-rate stopwatch has been released to the beta GA of Fitbit OS 5.1.

Fitbit addressing a few Frustrations Using Open Source Android App For Heart-Rate Monitor On OS X

Howdy Trainers! The PlayStation Elite controller makes further update to Android TV. This time their target is compatibility with Fitbit devices. This was announced via Fitbit channel. The Elite features the same user interface of the Vivoactive but utilizes Bluetooth connectivity allowing quick interactions with the device. With the much tastier Champions Hub app also there, and whole tool set, there are definitely some interesting reasons why running around using the Fitbit Android Sensor Hub on Smart TV.

The Fitbit Android Sensor Hub feature allows for such features as logging and triggering activity from the Android apps themselves, as well as leveraging the Fitbit portal dedicated to device integration.

Additionally, the is touted various latest features like the ability to upload workouts straight to your Fitbit account, or even contribute to they stream directly from a LEGO Mindstorms EV3 robot, based on building apps.

As mentioned, the new 2014 Elite receives the official firmware, while the old model receives a straight patch that brings changes to the Bluetooth connection. Of course, neither one fully supports the new Elite pack from the heart monitor itself; which makes users non possible to adapt until they will hit the stores. This issue will be corrected in a future update.