"NBA 2K21" is debuting a new single-player career mode that features the widely-popular WNBA league with women leading the charge on "The W" for limited gameplay only. The professional women's league of America's basketball is making its much-awaited debut with WNBA now seeing a career mode on Visual Concept's game.

WNBA player Sabrina Thompson is finally making her official debut in The NBA 2K series, and we now have a female sporting legend on the indie basketball title's roster with a dynamic personality and actions that players can finish in every classic game of the Streets of Rage series from 1995 to 2000.

"The WNBA could not have come at a better time," said Joe Pitre, creative director of Visual Concepts. "As a sports game, 2K Sports has done an accurate representation of the women's professional basketball league, and collaboration with the league is a perfect fit for us. The copious amount of curvy women featured in our game series have all been modeled by their respective WNBA players. We look forward to feedback from our early adopters as we iterate on the gameplay experience."

The WNBA represents a valuable addition to The NBA 2K series with Thompson's resume of accomplishments being praised, winning six individual titles, 11 league championships and earning four All-Star appearances.

The NBA 2K Series consists of one full game with hundreds of hours of TV entertainment; Great 50 Club Mode for a 3-on-3 competitive passion version with the signs of "NBA Jam" on the Court. Basketball Gameplay and Real Player Motion for an authentic Basketball simulation experience. Block Action Shooting, Defensive Three-Point Shooting and more with new modes and features such as the all-new, patented crossover dribble, which can be imported from NBA 2K15. The AWARDS mode quickens the analyzation of digital players and houses a list of awards that award player attributes. On-Court actions including free throws calls and court decisions are delivered seamlessly to give owners a tactical advantage on the court.

Check out the WNBA roster in our new single-player career mode:


The WNBA reigning MVP, SNEWSY is known as one of the top back-to-back-to-back-to-back rebounders in a professional basketball league.

"Play BALL! We have been with the NBA for over five years now and have been coming to games at least once a week, even when I was still in college," SNEWSY said, in her press release. "WKG puts you right in the heart of it with its easy to follow commentary. At Gatorade Pitchfork, we were each paired with a coach that helped us out on the home sims and on the court sims, which have been great games