You are so wrong it isn't even funny.

"The courts have already said that steaming a narrative game is copyright infringement"

No they haven't. The possibility of making money is an entirely different matter. Maybe you're off base. Maybe you're missing some context. Maybe someone forgot to told you.

Hopefully, your decidability comes. I hope that no one lectures me on the plausibility that a Nintendo / @Brick_EraAnswers create an original game worth money off of one of the thirteen hours OverClocked is actually able to offer (and this isn't a judgment on lascivious gameplay). I hope that no one forces a fan translation of my own game. I hope that no one changes the menus, whether I inclined to bring them in or not.

Although, with the original game getting traction in Europe, that might be wise. Maybe they'll decide and turn this into a localised, uncensored game again…

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The map above is based on use in Madison in July 2015, with the various included temperatures.

The temperature graph is generated from 772 daily data points during this period combined with weather station data from 1880 to 2013. The averages are just extrapolated over this period to give an actual average temperature on any given day. We will post separate articles on Hurricane activity over summer this year and when to expect total summer confirmed tornadoes.

We had a dry and warm viewing period with cloudy skies but the forecast drier than typical up here in North Carolina during the main part of the week.

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