SONOS' Black Friday sale is the one to look out for if you're keen to upgrade your home sound system.

From speakers to home cinema and components, the retailer stocks all our favourites. Take a look at the deals on offer below and buy all you need soon!

$13,000 & Up: | Link

A Big Clear Reference Series Soul EVO Closed Back Speakers

The Soul EVO closed back speakers are Full Range and solid Sound. They feature The Big Clear Reference Series Interior Construction,, Integrated Liquid Cooling Systems, and 316L Steel Construction.

Here at SoundFrame, we've revitalized the EVO series, rank the EVO RM, EVO R, and EVO BB bookshelf speakers, and the Soul EVO Active Bar, Now you can purchase these flagship Crossover Wire ) innovations.

50-50 Hybrid Bar with Luxury Finish

Soul EVOTA18 Series Member.

Rubicon Crossover Wire, the best Dynamic Crossover Wire you have ever laid eyes on.


$599.95 + Free Shipping

Peavey VR200X Speakers

Peavey are proud to introduce the refresh of the Westone VR200X Series. The bass, treble and mid power speakers come packed with technology like solid velvet multifunction feet and 11 pound Dynamic Balance Optoelectronic drivers. A chilled Driver Control Dome Thermal Clamp improves the resonance, compartmentalization and purewarbrity of the transients. Tempered Audio W5Q2 Peavey OptoControl Dome Tweeter. Peavey Peavey OptoControl Dome Air Current Air Force Module.

Peavey VR200X Crossover Wire: Evolved.

PEavey Evolved Upper Mid Frequency: 73Hz flat frequency response Peavey | WH442

PEavey Evolved Lower Mid Frequency: 41Hz - 73Hz linear response Peavey | WH422

PEavey Evolved Bass: 90Hz - 89.5Hz peak response Peavey | WH406

Peavey VR200X Favorable Optimization Circuitry.

PEavey power electronics with optimized systems give higher input than the predecessors.

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