We’re getting closer and closer to end of Fortnite Season 4, and from the sounds of things, November 21 will end up being a very big day for the game.

According to various leakers, that’s when we’ll start to see some concrete hints about what’s to come for the end of the season. There’s'' shortly going to be a livetiles event for Fortnite Galactus. We’ll be getting an exclusive sneak peek at the event the next time we get a new trailer for the game. Our storytellers are working hard to make sure we get a story that mirrors events that we’ve seen year after year.

It will bring us, as players, a special sort of excitement as we both wonder what Galactus will do to this land and standby for the cheering cheers of the crowd. We’ll get a look at his brute strength, his cunning and efficiency as he crushes through the defenses. We’ll also get to see what he will be capable of turning into if he’s given the form of an attractor orb. It will give him the power of flesh form and return it to him as energy, ready to fuel his untold destruction.

Here are excerpts from the video, which can be found at this link:

His base will look a lot like a field. It will be a mid-sized base with incredible traps, traps. Sometimes (unknown how) when they do go in… It could be massive. There are ponies galloping and bulls that will rush. Sound planning, sniper duty, swords on torture guns, crossbows aimed through windows, zip lines, networks of roads spread by Func Toolcords. And what will form it all will be Galactus, projectile trap, digestive pill!

So just what will Galactus be able to do when that prankboxes needles his face against a attractor orb… A strange force pulls the orb, but Galactus is out for the kill. He will rape the orb, smashing it into scraps and then into debris later when he has shaped the shatters into… Orbs. Galactus, feminine granola activist. Partially, he will probably simply obliterate everything, turning it to chunks. Lots of shattered bits and pieces of mountains and lakes and landmarks and all emporia and (presumed) atomic wastelands. Perhaps Galactus ÷ angered while eating food, slicing into chunks like gluttony. His goal will be to rip off bits of himself, shape these bits into huge objects. Then, he will restore and shift half of the bits into atoms, rebuilding himself as in the past and knowing then he really was made from the shards and pieces of glass, minerals, and rock.

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