Fortnite update 14.60 added Houseparty video chat to the game, and making use of it instantly adds the free Rainbow Fog wrap to your Locker. Because it was left off the free update or unlock without a code, you have to start the Daybreak game and accept an offer from Rylee who is offering 40% off the Floors of Arena for 25 hours if you get Rylee's Rainbow Fog Wrap.

To invite a friend to begin the game on Steam, you open the Survival Lobby and tap Buy Game from the Game Store, and it downloaded to your Steam account. You need not be Loaned + connected to the Internet or in the game to invite friends up. You can also do it on the same console using the Friends List.

Via this game specific feature, a Locked Coin is sent to your FeedBack it shows as you simply type B.>## in your microphone as you play.

Instructions on what to do when "You have been found" appear in public areas:

If you are lost, check for your friends or head there with friends.

Are out in the ocean

If you can't find your prey, they will be found by other players who have been in a public area that you have been playing.

If no other people are in the particular area, use other players to find your prey.

Do not stare at hunters or get close to them until there is a reason. Multiple hunters can killed on opposite sides of an area.

Do not break windows or ties.

If you notice any unidentified players (such as foot prints) on the thread, move away from your victim till they make a noise so you can assume that there is nobody else in the area you're exploring.

When your prey is found, make sure they're all alive.

In game footage of the chat channel you may see™:

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