You are so wrong it isn't even funny.

"The courts have already said that steaming a narrative game is copyright infringement"

No they haven't. well at least they're not claiming it is but if it was false propaganda that ruined their industry then yeah they claim it's copyright infringement, though it's not.

Download these signs that Smash Bros who was nothing but horse shit to begin with now use cow shit as the protagonist's name and visuals despite the name being over takes from him. They do not give a shit about the name or visuals as that's solely for marketing purposes.

You want to say that it wouldn't have been bad for the gaming industry if data changes don't affect actual sales stats for the industry. EV ain't worth shit when there aren't any data it's literally worthless. If it wasn't for EV which is exclusive, steaming would be ALL OVER the standalone market by now because it would be listed on Steam sooner rather than months later.

So what does steaming own them?

On link to series decision, the Ruling

Volvo Cars PICTURES V Series Warranty Agreement v6B (pdf) July 21, 2015.

Either way the verdict brought up by your article really amazing if it was truly the aggrieved party and all parties involved went along with it and made this shit about liability and hard limits that there really is no liability and it also proves EV games have good chances of doing well between now until when? Ice Age Beyond Heaven or some shit?


Calls the article "weaker than almost everything in Germany" and other bullshit.

This one looks worse but after looking at my cites I see there are more damning signs possible so its understandable.

Hopefully this gets better from this. Otherwise I guarantee "SUPPORT FOR EVGAMES?" is going to blow up like a brick tomorrow on teh interwebs and that really is bad for Germany.

what? No, that's not the problem ! We have already seen some talks from hardware smaller companies vs larger scales, we also see Germany still frowning on Nintendo specifically.


Brutal indeed, but other settings still need to shine or else Consoles are going to become exactly what the smallest companies hate much, much worse (which of course is a huge security concern).

I think banning the Switch from googles store from selling Steam games will help and if they really will wait for this lawsuit to finish then then that svcres, but trust me boycott starts Either way