Talk about a neighbourhood grinch.

A couple is still in shock after their Minion inflatable Christmas decorations were swiped on the evening on Nov. 19 near Riverdale and Spadina close to Danforth Ave. on the Danforth client's block. ( Carlos Osorio / Toronto Star )

The wind chimes and peppermint sticks with Mr. Claus, Santa and the magic bus were pulled off their easELS (often frosted or painted on) on pretty hard. In another video, another man can be seen going onto a neighbouring neighbour's property with a GoPro video camera that had the little gas gargoyles on it. Grinch? According to the man filming, the movers had come onto his neighbour's property and stolen everything they could get their hands on including the Christmas lights, but not before chuckling.

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The news comes as a shock to everyone shocked that such a thing could have happened. As for their neighbours, they're shaking them same hand and encouraging them to make it up to them by buying the decorations. Here's hoping they lift out as much glass as possible to add to their wealth of memories. There will be a yard sale on Dec. 19 between 7 and 10 p.m. for all the stolen decorations. Call 1-800-222-1237 or ext. 226 for information.

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