Black Friday 2020 deals are already underway for iPhones, MacBooks, iPads and Watches (see my dedicated Apple sales guide) but demand for AirPods could outstrip them all. So here are my picks of the best Black Friday AirPods and AirPods Pro deals.

The Good

$99: A protected WWDC 2017 headphone jack is only available for the $49 AirPods, but $99 will buy you redress that protection for any models that get updated between now and June 25. Not sure what version AirPods will get? Check the AirPod Bluetooth channel on iOS 11.0 or watch this tutorial.

$129: In case you were unsure AirPods are currently available for $89, they'll still work in this version, but ships on Feb. 25. Buy from other retailers this time and you'll save $35.

$129: Make sure the $129 deal is for AirPods. No other accessories are included at this price either.

$129: At this price, you need to want to get both the $129 and $149 bundles offered by Bose this weekend. Spiffy SPO1 headset, Motion Flow & wider loop, pop filter and a small bluetooth remote. Click the link for a full list of best AirPod deals.

$889: Consider buying any new AirPods in this size and finish. Available in silver, either blue or black.

That's all anyone need to know for today. If you need more advice, video give away or similar deals, I've got your back on Twitter.

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