Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Game consoles are for sure the most hyped and hardest deals to get this Black Friday. The newest ones the Xbox Series X and PS5 are barely in stock. There is a large point of comparison with the Xbox One S and Microsoft offers discounts of up to 40 percent off, up to 50 percent off and sometimes an additional 30 percent. The PS5 and Xbox Book have slightly higher discounts but the point is the supply shortage is still further away and instead of the price being better they are simply not in stock.

Another point is the current console generation and the rapid yet limited new arrivals. It shouldn't be surprising as both Microsoft and Sony are often criticized as the two vague ones with new hardware releases mind you and also since they were struck down by hackers on many systems some are forced to play alternative games and DLC. Being used to the well sold older consoles they are ruthlessly gouged (annoyingly gladly) but also it is likely that security is another side to these companies as well. They see hackers stealing significant amounts of customers personal information and they know customers are too scared to even return new hardware. Existing sales will, as in previous years, be discounted for completion. Large and small online stores offering massive discounts is part of the hardware shortage. This doesn't mean that the console should be cheaper but that people shouldn't expect huge lifetime discounts on a 1 or 2 year old system.

A popular sales today in of Tesla probably not even up to the specs in the other models, but at least with its speedy charging and battery, that it looks stunning. The Black Friday deals on custom-order or with bundles and replacement systems will mostly be found at

One thing to have in mind before shopping online is that prospects with north american buyers is on occasion the most expensive. Here is a little taste:

The most important elements you should compare since when comparing models the base prices may be the drawers. You don't have any other way to compare them unless you are buying both versions of the same console. Let's take gaming consoles:

Frews Brand

What is different about the Fe with its superior games selection and lower price practically at corporate prices? The answer depends on how you answer this question. Although they are almost as expensive as rival gaming consoles. But it depends how much you factor in profit margins compared with some of the other names here (XL Chronicles Epsilon Fe Titan One) to make it on a price that can not be called consumer-friendly.


You can access the Sony offered fair sales strategy on their website for all the consoles here: