A look at the Nest Audio and you know that you have a good product in your hands. I’m not talking only in terms of design, but also the performance aspect.

Indoors and Outdoors!

The heart of the Nest app is the indoor mode. Inside the Nest app, you can check out the Nest Cam, listen to the audio you want to record, and make an appointment.

If you just want to check your battery level, do so through the Nest App Companion. The ability to monitor your individual phone status through the app is another cool app feature.

The outdoors option is what makes Nest smart outdoor products stand out. You can check the weather conditions at your current location, let the Nest software maintain an outdoor watching status, or you can also rely on the "Google Now for Nest" of Google Assistant.

Who can run the Nest?

The performance is incredibly smart as it works via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection. You can install it in a variety of locations. You can also build it yourself. Reboot your Nest Duplex, put in your Wi-Fi Anker power dock, connect a couple TurboUSB cables to phone pins, and now you are ready to take your chance.

When you pair the box with a smartphone, an icon will unlock itself and you can start using it with the Nest app, from outside or in.

How do I fix problems?

Any bug we uncover in the software is quickly identified and rectified by our team. We think the standalone device is efficient as it does all the heavy lifting to solve everyday life problems. In case the device gets damaged, we are ready to work with you to make the experience as simple as possible if applicable.

For regular problems you present us, there is always the Nest Bug Squad. That means you can simply drop your question in the comments section of this article or send it to us. It's always good to talk to us about your own experience with the Nest and how it can help you achieve better things in your life.

Edit: More people are seeing the original post here. This is is addressed in the original post. I was pulled out of comment. Edit 2. A clarification on the response to this most recent comment thread. If it seems too unpopular to respond to, that's because it IS unpopular. Finally gotten around to responding to it in the comments. Rightly, in my opinion. If it makes mooted issues, or undingandful criticisms e.g. too little to ask, unaddressed or then to mention. Just letting people know, 3 years ago there were two fairly egregious bugs, encountered