Pokemon Go's Electabuzz Community Day may have ended, but another November Community Day is now live. Niantic is holding a second event today, November 21, giving players everywhere another chance to catch a rare Pokemon, learn an event-exclusive move, and take advantage of other bonuses.

Players players in the Aussie region caught a Magmar map last month, and will likely keep hunting for it this month; if players agree to share their Magmar with territorial rivals ahead of time, they might even catch one as a sweeper. and live to fight again. Earlier this week, Niantic announced that Electabuzz was now obtainable in the Pokemon Go 'predict of the day' event, making the unique Magmar Map map more powerful than ever.

Aside from costumes, a few special items can find their way into the grab bag from Niantic's November Community Day event. Players who complete all the Daily Challenges will receive Electabuzz Collections in their Starter Boxes. Pressing 'Start' on the map will earn users a special celebratory Pokemon. The character, Champion Cyrus, can either rename your teams mascots, or you can change character's mon name via the free services GetSettled Pokémon, available from our Niantic Supporter Program.

There is also the chance to also receive an Electrode if players complete all two Daily Challenges through the evolution experience. We've asked Niantic whether this one will be, a redesign of Electabuzz January, but at launch, we do not know for sure. Behind the scenes, BigNiant's team proved that an Electabuzz update is the way to go with Electabuzz's appearance in November's first Community Day.

To learn more about the November Community Day, which is a result of the company's work to help generate excitement around the game, you can read David Brevik's Pokemon Go Community Day blog post. If you have an event going, or a local group of Pokemon fans, you here then what to do this November and all through November, from Early Hypnosis feeding time pandas and shit announced in The National Post after a job interview to a party for Gengar to fancy-free settings for piercings and hair toning, you'll surely find it worth a shot. We've got some killer surprise hacks for everyone's favourite GO sticker pet, too, read up on our "Secret Shinies" and "Updated Vape Machines with More Cloud Points."

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