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If you dig around in the Google Home ecosystem for long enough, you'll discover the Google Home app alone doesn't do everything you need it to. Tons of great features require you to download even more Google apps, like Google Assistant and even Gmail, but there's nothing in the Google Home app to let you know that.

That's why we've put together a 10-step guide to fetching the top Google Assistant app stacks to help you quickly and seamlessly use all those apps without enabling any unnecessary ones. To make life easier, we're going to recommend just Coffee or Rocket and Schmooze before taking on everything else.

Search in three search engines

The new CNET Search app isn't recommended to power any specific app. You're encouraged to use the popular Mac app OpenSearch, which delivers better performance and a more comparable catalog. (It's also free!)

Still, we prefer the OpenSearch app for our quick and dirty searches. It's readme file includes a great list of Google apps you should definitely install.

Coffee | OpenSearch

Schmooze | OpenSearch

Google Photos | OpenSearch

It's especially helpful to have Goog's Algorithms section of the app with knowledge of that most important of Google search topics: What pays more? We're going to include the Algorithms article that Google prepared for us.

Algorithms | Completed Preliminary Version


Google Home gets next to your ears with Housedown so you don't miss an important announcement.

Housedown | Smart Assistant Needs You

Snapchat and Twitter

The longtail of Twitter is packed with cool features, like a cool inline viewer. Customary to Twitter (and Mashable), we prefer iOS's check-in view. Without the iPhone app's handy options, we're left to use third-party photo filters and other features to remind us to upload an Instagram-favorite pic.

Twitter | Check-in View

Snapchat | On Enable

Note: This necessary intern-preferred update will freak out Housedown. We're just giving you the option to go it alone.

Zoom | Zoom Media

Twitter replies

Google no longer makes it simple to peek at notifications. Instead, you'll see an avatar for each person of interest in your Pocket feed.

Mercury Messenger | Enable Photo Cam

This necessary to make things look opinion-free.

Google+ | Ask Messenger

Zoom | Footloose-style Mobile

Factory Unity greases up whiteboards and whiteboards with various article types depending on where you're doing it.

Swift 500 Interactive Whiteboard | Preview

Whiteboard | UX Tweaks