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There's a famous story relating to the launch of the Super Famicom in Japan – an event which took place a staggering 30 years ago today – that Nintendo decided to ship the console to stores during the night to avoid deliveries being intercepted by Yakuza crime gangs.

Dubbed "Operation Midnight Shipping", the plan was concocted by Nintendo president Hiroshi Yamauchi and his right-hand man Hiroshi Imanishi after the former got wind that the Yakuza were planning to steal shipments of the Super Famicom before they reached stores.

The safety of consumers was the priority for Nintendo as a result of this operation, and the next three Super NES games, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Super Mario Bros. 3 and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past: The Adventure of Link, were released with Main Proprietors' Game Guarantee, meaning that in the unlikely event that a buyer did break the Game Guarantee, they would receive an additional $20 off the purchasing price.

Priority for the launch of the Nintendo Switch also means that it won't be receiving any shipments during the night, as Nintendo is strongly considering going "black" for the special event.

With about 35% of the NES and SNES library still unconfirmed for retail release, the general consensus is that Nintendo will likely not be making any changes to the hardware until launching the console in no more than a month's time on March 3rd.

Last Friday's UK launch of the Nintendo Switch is being treated as a 'black Friday' sales day – players will be able to pick up the Switch console for just £250, compared with £300 for the 32GB model, £330 for the 64GB model and £400 for the €349.99 bundle. Best Buy and Walmart are offering 25% off their pre-orders, while eBay users are also being offered special deals.

In the UK, Wii U bundles started at £247.99. Here are the numbers:

Game: Switch nWiiu Deluxe Black Basic (controller) Skylanders SWAP Force Plus (DLC) 50% off Razer GUNFIGHTER Chroma (controller) Thanks gifts Nintendo Switch Computer (international EG) Chicago Booth (2803) see here," indicated an eBay seller.

"Basically all the Wii U ones come either with Skylander SWAP Force computer or Tinder Force stickers, which are forbidden in New LabourwiseTM sniping codey TV,' confirmed the seller.

Meanwhile, Trading Standards officials have no information about Nintendo's plans to ship the Switch and Game Boy games during Black Friday.

If you have any good-luck information on the Nintendo Switch Black Friday sales, hit the comments.

Pre-orders for the Nintendo Switch will be live from midnight PT on Thursday, November 3rd. Nintendo's website will also be undergoing a 'early access cycle' (PRINT REMOVALS!) from November 3rd to the 26th.

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