A British couple who built their dream five bedroom, New England-style home from scratch after being inspired by living in Massachusetts are now selling it for £1.25m.

Getnews.com's Maurice Quintanilla reported that the home had sat vacant for three years. The patio and one-and-a-half bathroom were all that remained after construction began.

Wealthy interior designer Douglas Stewart and wife Lisa sent photos to real estate agent Blake Chrystun to make the sale.

Her experience selling homes in the Boston's suburbs made her comfortable selling the three-bedroom family home.

Stuart weathered 'tough times' in 2013 while he was a government official, and was taken aback at how 'the seismometer [produces] a very strong rumble.'

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California Gov. Jerry Brown on Saturday signed legislation that would keep concealed carry permits from being revoked due to a failure to disclose non-concealed firearms, which some see as a step toward tighter restrictions on the rights of gun owners.

The new law, voted unanimously by the state Senate on Thursday, will have the added benefit of protecting the Second Amendment rights of California residents who currently have concealed-carry permits and whose documents have not yet been classified by the state Department of Justice in accordance with the new law.

The transition from a temporary version of the law, which did not allow for such a transition and allowed for felons and mental health advocates to have their permits tacked onto their state ID cards, went into effect last summer.

The NRA quickly slammed the newfound ammunition reduction of permits, calling it "unconstitutional" and saying that it was "killing every law-abiding California gun owner."

"By enacting this rule, Gov. Brown has left everyone without any modestly warranted innocence. He has champions for the abuse of the law and for the murder of law-abiding California citizens," said Chris Cox, executive director of the NRA Institute for Legislative Action.

"No bill pending in the state legislature will be able to undo this disaster that guarantees the 'rule of law' loses and anarchy takes root under cover of cold percentages," Cox said.

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The rule, however, may not be a hinderance to eligibility for concealed-carry permits, which Brown has acknowledged could be a sticking point.

Brown's Office did not confirm in an email if people with felony convictions are free of the current ban on high capacity magazines. The protected class of Americans is still