Mario is still the king of the track, although now he runs in the living room at home.

By Roberto Pineda / November 21, 2020, 14: 003 Comments

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit is Nintendo’s latest occurrence; bet on merging the gameplay of the franchise with the possibility of create circuits in real places and the use of everyday objects to shape each track.

So far this shows the possibilities of the game and the strange whole idea of combining Mario Kart with the living spaces. What do you think of it, guys? I'll definitely be checking out this game!

Miikez Design Studio’s blog – Mario Kart: Triple Dash.

While there are many many photos on the Miikez Design Studio’s blog ’which do make you think about the setting of the game, especially its game world’, we have chosen to go by two models from the Miikez Designstudio’. The better photos come from the Mario Kart: Triple Dash Emporium’, where we saw the new bikes and more tracks from the game, the tracks for use in marketing now.

The first photo is a white one of the backgrounds of ADK Emporium Toy's potential maps. It really exists, and that is an alternative to those blue screenshots which you can see on the Miikez Design Studio’'s blog to represent these spaces.

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The truth is revealed from a quick browse:

’ Frozen Forest.

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Mirrors Lake

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