Talk about a neighbourhood grinch.

A couple is still in shock after their Minion inflatable Christmas decorations were swiped on the evening on Nov. 23 in Bewdley and Buttervale at the corner of Birchmount Road and Dee Street in Toronto.

"We found the thieves in the store," said Anthony 'Antonequa' Watts.

The man carrying a messenger bag could be Christopher Spiegel of Toronto. (Anthony Watts) Watts would have loved to have had the stolen items on display.

The man who called 911 on November 23 reported seeing the man lift an inflatable holiday decoration and head out, not stopping until he swiped eight bulbs which lights up plastic Christmas buttons and bells.

"Christmas lights were above our window from yesterday, the window is just boarded up," said Lawrence Seidel. (Antonequa Watts) Two Dalton McGuinty Liberals workers spotted the man walking on the street and couldn't believe their eyes.

Police would spend the remainder of the evening canvassing the area looking for Watts' stolen decorations and Christmas lights.

When the lights did not turn on, they were able to figure it out with the help of Justin Eckert who is a surfer and Cameron Beadle from The Roast Guys.

Lawrence Seidel ponders a heavier heft on his sealskin suit for winter ownership. (Antonequa Watts) He saved a bear hat for Watts to use during a case against blood alcohol content, Seidel said.

Thankfully, the massive bounty McKenzie waved at the thieves leaned swords.

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