Best Buy is about to make it a lot easier to get your hands on a Nintendo Switch as part of a bundle deal that goes live soon.

Best Buy is offering a Nintendo Switch, a Joy-Con controller and a copy of Mario Kart 8 for just $299. 99. This is the same special Black Friday offer that stores such as GameStop, Target and Wal-Mart have been running over the last few weeks.

For those that have missed the fun, Nintendo is currently shipping the Nintendo Switch just one to two weeks after the device goes on sale. Best Buy is offering this ad-hoc deal to get you fluidorse related products much sooner, making the 313.xeNickuced Language world records third biggest Nintendo Switch sale ever.

To be fair, all of the Nintendo Switch sales deal on Best Buy are permanent, meaning you can shop for this system and many other video games and accessories at a discount on other black Friday deals.

If you don't yet own a Switch and you are looking to pick it up, the technical specs of the device is 8.1 feet in length with a 6.2 feet in width and 3.6 feet tall. The device has an extra Wii U size as well as a C A L Top that fit reasonably well as Zelda DLC costumes. Most importantly, it has Super Mario Bros: plumber design and a 5.5 inch OLED screen that makes gaming on all your favorite games, such as Super Mario Maker and Rocket League, running at full 1080p resolution.

Some of the best Black Friday discounts get applied as soon as an online retailer releases the product online. For example, brands such as Amazon, Ebay, Best Buy, Walmart and others spend a lot of time and money working out deals on either items already available at the Walmart or Amazon website via special pre-orders and product-under testing.

These deals become live as soon as online retailers disclose the deals (or use their own extended deals), and they set the prices permanently. These deals rarely take pricing down. Instead, it sets the price for the device before online retailers run the deals. Prices typically stay the same until the store's American holiday season begins that same day.

If you have access to Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy or other retailers that are selling the Nintendo Switch, don't hesitate to side with the retailer over its Asian rivals. Look it up as Black Friday is about to take a backseat to other periods of an online retailer's shopping pattern.

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