Mario is still the king of the track, although now he runs in the living room at home.

By Roberto Pineda / November 21, 2020, 14: 003 Comments

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit is Nintendo’s latest occurrence; bet on merging the gameplay of the franchise with the possibility of create circuits in real places and the use of everyday objects to shape each track. We have a good idea in mind.

Every day follows the same path of the former Grand Prix course. The kart, a familiar tribal way of transport work continues to play its vital role, with a course that revolves around circular loops. An attractive atmosphere of excitement surrounds the entire career. With a race format that gives dedicated fans plenty of choices, and variety of karts to choose it can be seen that only the true fans will be satisfied, and enjoy this lifetime referential experience.

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit doesn't sacrifice colorful art and exciting mechanics to prepare a racing format that can also suit small kids and families. Following this formula, Nintendo should look for a licensing partner whose power to grant approval, make it possible to make the title perform onto consoles.

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