Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Wristwatches have been making a comeback, largely because they've gotten so much smarter. Smartwatches and fitness trackers are growing in popularity because of all of their awesome features and ability to track workouts. However, when it comes to fashion, nearly everything is on sale on Black Friday. If you're in the market for a new smart or fitness wearable, check out these Black Friday Best Buy Deals on GearBest. Prices can range from $70-$200. Everytime I see a sale on Black Friday there's "something better coming soon." So definitely go on Black Friday and grab your next favorite smart or fitness wearable on clearance. These deals are on special for only a few hours so don't miss your chance!

Steam Holiday Sale

The popular Green Man Gaming website worked with Steam to give a Christmas promotion to their Steam Winter Sale. Every single game under $10 was 50% off and ready to be that sweet Xmas gift. Xmas deals come at some pretty great price points, especially now that Steam is relaunching their Summer Sale. For any gamer that's looking for an Xbox One controller, Dead or Alive 5 DLC, a DualShock 4 controller or a new video game, here are some offer that will give you peace of mind.

December Watch

Finally, last but certainly not least, here's your chance to snag a solid watch for as low as $90. Some retailers are pulling a chunk of the deals on the 18mm-wide Fossil Watches, so check with the ones closest to you. This watch can work flawlessly in conjunction with your smartphone. For $90 you'll be entitled to collector's edition perks like a year guarantee, waterproof and shockproof, and automatic anchors. You won't have to worry about detailed ener in the weather whenever you need it.

And with more Windows laptops and tablets falling to all-time low prices while one or two are coming in at reasonably (possibly). It's a good time to order up your Windows laptop or tablet.

Now it's your turn! Would you opt for a holiday gift for your friends or family? Leave us a comment below. Happy Black Friday shopping!

On the way out of Foxboro last Thursday night after the Patriots' 30-23 loss to the Dallas Cowboys, former Patriots offensive lineman Matt Light was swept up in a lot of confusion that's bubbled up throughout the Patriots' locker room and beyond.

Next thing you know, Light was mobbed by media and trying to get out of his hotel. By the end of the night, Light hasn't stopped asking questions. He wants to know why New England suspended an offensive lineman after starting a game — as Brady did four weeks