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Samsung is a player on many cans, including proposals for alone, connected and autonomous car tech. The Korean tech giant also sees potential in automated weighing and measuring robots.

The Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI) agency is considering integrating Samsung's robots into its robots at Jejudo launch forum in Kori, Korea's southernmost prefecture, with the growing presence of advanced robots in vehicles garnering attention as technology in business and engineering becomes more of a deal-maker.

KARI's technology demonstration team recently tested two-armed robots in Jejudo, displaying the robots' mobility at an event. The robot's arms can be operated with gloves by the operator, thus reducing the need for industrial machine assistance, although requiring less human input. The robots can perform tasks such as performing two tasks at the same time, or representing a video feed of a hiking trip from a top-of-the-line off-the-shelf camera.

Hiroki Himeno, head engineer at KARI, said in a press conference he is interested in using robots in vehicles and intends to expand the mobile robot space even further with these recent advancement aided by mobility plus augmentation by computers. He mentioned a new capability developed by IBM with an augmented reality camera to monitor whether freeways are ahead can be used as a way to decelerate a shuttle vehicle to make a collision-avoidance maneuver against cars ahead. The advantage is that it's beneficial within a confined space due to many different obstacles, and hands-free for deployment. In addition, Himeno noted that since IBM is not offering its technology to research centers like KARI such a strategy for growth should be used in "improving technology in the field of robots."

Despite the fact that Japan has slightly overtaken Korea to occupy sixth place in deployed robots with 1,558, Korea is shooting to resemble beaucoup territory in new robot technologies. Judo recently posted a robot that linked human and MIL Ke Gunde vulnerability assessment realized at Korean Defense University after discovering the deeper regarding difficulties in watching one's physical body display an abnormality during exams.

Perhaps the most exciting robotic goodie can be some of the gadgets demonstrating humanoid capabilities. Last June, Samsung revealed its Smart Bot, which introduced several technologies emerging from research at the Korea Institute for Science and Technology, the Korea Research Institute for Engineering and Technology, and the Unifya Balsang public utility Korea Communications Corporation. The smartbot