Ahead of Black Friday 2020, one of the best Nintendo deals is available early. If you are looking to buy a Nintendo Switch, Best Buy has a bundle that includes the console, a digital code for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and three months of Nintendo Switch Online for just $300. The upgrade is compelling, but the console itself will set you back another $200.

If you want to pull off one of this and are not ready to shell out that extra money or postpone your holiday shopping to a later date, you may want to consider another option as well.

Cloud Gaming

The difference in price between having an Internet connection and not having one is vast. Best Buy is currently selling the final generation model of the Xbox One from $399.99 to $329.99, but that price at the moment will be a gimmick. Microsoft might be thinking of an eventual $300 price cut, as seen in their Winter 2017 sale, when all Xbox One models are cut down to $269.99.

After Black Friday 2020, though, the reality of big bundles won't matter so much. The Xbox One X is $399, so you can't buy multiple games for it. You might want to consider buying 1, or 2 or 3, games if you're looking for that kind of a value. Companies might push out one-time bundles in between Gamescom and Newegg Event, but increasingly they will take up the real estate during Fall 2017.

Ultimately, this is the best place to be if you are looking for a bundle in the 90s now. You typically have the choice of buying or renting. It'll make a massive difference, both in terms of, say, $50 buying the last game in an old generation system like the GameCube or 360, or even less – but still plenty. Many people will click every single link if it involves Windows on PC – including some last-gen systems like the Wii.

If you value convenience and something similar in 2018, look at this. It's two to three games, most often Madden and FIFA but it could be something else, like Assassin's Creed or Mario Kart, for new systems.

Under $400

Nintendo Switch + Last-Gen Console Combo + 3 Games = $200

Nintendo Switch + PS4 $225

Trials Fusion or The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild the F

Sony PS4 Pro

2017 is going to be better for the gaming industry than ever. The barriers to entry are lower by leaps and bounds, and hardware has improved significantly, ranging from cheaper ones like tablets and smartphones, to the Kinect 3D glasses, to giants like the PlayStation Neo, to HDTVs now capable of playing content like 60fps 4K streams.