Destiny 2 Bungie

Okay, man, hard to even keep track of what’s going on here. It took about six hours, but the Destiny 2 Deep Stone Crypt raid has finally been cleared. That means 48 Voidshards (raising this to a maximum of 60) and a top ounce of loot from 82 challenges along the way.

Now, for the full rundown.

First, let's explain the main bosses you've been fighting so far. Only one of them appeared under normal circumstances, so another group or two are playing in violation of the rule we can't even hint at – ahem – that the Guardians don't really care about.…

This is Sword-Fist, with a nice load out, and a generous stash; that last one dropped the rare sword, Golden Scarab.

Not so lucky is Drangas, the same one who was making enemies of our Guardians pretty much at the end of Beneath The Surface, so we went mount and blade instead. But he still had some loot; it was when we entered the Broken Circle contest that Drangas went down.

Puzzlet Online

Across disciplines, there's Shreed. Had a lot of pulls this morning, four and we just couldn't finish him off. Had a few things for science though, and I'm sure it is still under investigation for the next week or so.

Void Stirge

Still hunting down the Void Shrieker boss, every time we entered the Crypt. Finally died this morning following 18 min 50 sec 8 interrupts 15 drotes. That's 44 kills, which brought me to one of two milestones; I accomplished a solo kill as well as all four Fragments; and we've got 144 more to go. Fractal monster calculator should be up when I'm able to send that message back out.

One of the top challenge items has dropped too! Kel's Blaster – a Ray Gun thing we put a phase modifier on at PAX, and dropped on Crypt three shots, all tagged, and four hatches popped.

Infinite Shadows

Made the Common Hive-PII items correctly, and dropped the "for Cynabal" doubly rare loot, a strange project on which I'm half doing it group distributed keeping in that CNTS app I have dating back from 2009.

What may be the best bit

Nemesis-Hound is a challenge item for the Wraithseeker set that I rewarded to all the new Guardians with yesterday so that they were ready. Come day two, and we have a crack. I have some questions to steer your creatively minded guardians further into cosmic.

What choices are