The Sonos Beam Smart TV sound bar has dropped to $299 at Amazon in both black and white. That's $100 off its regular price and the first real discount on this version of the Beam since it was released earlier this year.

Amazon is also offering deals on Switcher mini stereo speakers (normally $199) and Beam's wireless remote. In terms of the streaming ultraportable units themselves, Amazon is selling the 32GB model for $349 and the 18GB unit for $299.

Both models ship with the SmartThings hub and have Amazon support with a two-year Amazon Prime subscription. Sonos founders Nathan Myhrvold and Patrick Soon-Shiong built the original Sonos prototype and released the original version of the Sonos system on the previous Black Friday. Sonos has had little to do with this build around since then, but Amazon is going in that direction.

Somewhere in China, it must be hard to get eyeballs on Ghost Recon: Wildlands. That's a shame, because players that aren't on the lookout for full-blown single-player titles will find new life within the efforts Ubisoft Montreal have poured into the single-player-focused modern-day Western setting. Wildlands includes the four main characters to date - Jacob, Marlon, Tristan, and Eddie - as well as a slew of supporting groups that you can grab in 'Assault' mode. The choices Trump make give you the opportunity to evolve the group into something that'll give you the best chance of taking on the game's story objectives, provided you really like to part with your bits on the field.

Each of the four main characters can be brought into one squad to fight the game's enemies in a variety of ways, but Wildlands impresses most when it isolates Jacob, a inestimable, inarguable tactician, from the others in his squad. He possesses the most crafting options in the game, and the flexibility to mold, or fuse, existing characters from around the world to make synergistic squads (as opposed to truly creating a vague Map of Eden mode that simplifies team building). For those who have seen it already, why on earth would you want to trudge through Wildlands sharpish underbrush thinking of all the new people you'll have to bother and regularly kill? Here's a game where you may or not have to step into a ruined ship's toilet to purchase a nearly useless second rifle.

Before you've had the chance to mess around with the much vaunted 'side quests' at all, the forces that the player will be sent to face actually have a definite mission requirement - some of which may necessitate you a few fetch and/or black market