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Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 December update still no multiplayer details revealed – – 8GB

As expected, Nintendo has seemingly confirmed that Zelda Breath of the Wild 2 December update will fit in 8GB of free space on the console. We'll be sure to update this with more details after we receive them!

More Zelda For Nintendo Switch – Breath of the Wild 2 December patch details to be revealed

News of the Nintendo Switch Pro's launch, delays and rumored exclusive games is causing a stir in the gaming community, with many expecting developers and publishers to reveal more details regarding the console's long-term plans. And as previously noted, the way the Nintendo Switch Pro is "downright under-powered" is infuriating with comparisons being made to current-gen systems.

However, during Nintendo's Switch showcase event, several livestreamers and video players have revealed new details about the Nintendo Switch Pro. And with only 10 days to go until the console's launch, these new details could yield some interesting revelations about the future of Wii U and Nintendo's first home console.

Release schedule and pricing of Nintendo Switch Pro in May and June

From a technology stand-point, we already know that the Nintendo Switch 'Pro' will be released a bit later than originally expected, but a new report claims Nintendo might be willing to speed up the Pro's release schedule in May, so that it can copy take advantage of a free price-cut!

According to Kotaku, a bit early may be good because it will enable Nintendo to save some money on additional parts to handle hardware tweaks during the "indefinite" manufacturing window before the Pro arrives at retailers.

Further, if sources are to be believed then the snaginess of the Nintendo Switch Pro might be smoothed more following the price cut, since the on-disc games will be easier to order now rather than wait for a spring launch.

According to the source of these latest developments, Nintendo has pulled of another initial move to keep the service on-par with the PC eShop and Xbox Live Arcade, possibly as part of a new strategy to privatize the service functions and expand relevant applications using the Nintendo Switch Pro as an intermediary.

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