If you own a Switch, then chances are you're all too familiar with the machine's storage-based woes. The measly 32GB that comes built-in to the base console tends to fill up in a flash. On top of that, the continued absence of microSD is a usability pest even for this generation of hardware.

To see which system has the best boost in gaming performance, we've published a 4K side-view comparison of the Switch and PS4 Pro. Here, we highlight the Super Mario Odyssey engine used in the title in a title bundled with both versions.

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Both systems' supply chain can be sort of difficult to rattle, but the Switch actually seemed to carry the faster of the two hardware configurations in play. The difference seems to be fairly reasonable, as between the two boosts in performance, there's a paltry change of -10 percent difference.

It's a lot to ask the game to scale so radically, but Nintendo can at least claim that the Switch includes an optical disc drive to recover the files instead of having to transfer them from disc.

Plus, if one was to use an old Switch game to simply review the Switch version instead of deciding on its own, there might be substantial benefit to saving a few minutes.

Phil Spencer's definitive Doom review took the PlayStation 4 Pro as a benchmark device. On comparison, console GPU power didn't matter when playing Wolfenstein II, and separate HDTVs were up to the task. Plus, cross-chassis real-estate.

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Note, . If the Microsoft report proves right, we should see a change in the Xbox One also becoming a formidable machine.

Let's Go, Pikachu! The Nintendo Switch advantage inside. 60FPS on the PS4 Pro, wow The future is possible with that tuned, updateable SoC.

Sony might use its patch instructions to keep the PS4 Pro relatively static while updating the software on the PS4 Pro, but the Switch makes more promising use of the system's hardware, including CPU speed.

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