Destiny 2 Bungie

Okay, man, hard to even keep track of what’s going on here. It took about six hours, but the Destiny 2 Deep Stone Crypt raid has finally been cleared. I managed to detonate the Finality Bomb, sparked the final timer, and trashed the Guardian aliens after defeating Boudica, Queen of the Dead, and a bunch of Knights. Here's a recap if you missed it:

Ninety minutes later, I finally watched the credits roll. All the Guardians we fought: dead. Liam was done playing with players thanks to the fact that a Dragon's Nest connection requires six hours of intense 16-player multiplayer to keep an internet connection, and he's taking the rest of the week off. Recently rehired Crucible team leader Chad Michaels couldn't play, so he decided to save time by playing some Destiny and "… watching some movies that that whole week was entirely about." Guardians were only set the timer at five minutes and 45 seconds, so it was a game of cat-and-mouse in the basement until finally I got lucky and it reset to zero. But that's almost better than the satisfying tension as the countdown clock hit zero again. I knew that with Focused Fire, I could complete the Fine-Tuning the Monster wing of Boudica's story mission, since I knew that's the closest I'm likely to risk going back into the finish better succeed the first trip through. So far, that's worked out well. But it's no longer possible for me to play Destiny again without getting the name of the Seeker of Truth, the game story campaign, in my back pocket.

Heavy tank, heavy rifle, heavy buckshot, Crystal Crucible Rifle pictured above in light of loot, consumable, and upgrade weights.

Destiny 2: Bosses

Before I start getting the rarely stream trophies I crave for these steps, I got pretty lucky today. For some reason, in the Destiny 2 Crypt of the Fallen raid, Bungie shipped a pre-boss quest for Crota, the Dark Below that's the only way to access the one-player[yourname-sequence] Veridium Transfer at the end of the raid. It wasn't hard to catch, but I found a curious issue that needs to be worked around (but the currently-working solution I've included in this guide has a slightly different approach than what Bungie has currently swapped in). It's more associated with the Cypher of Osiris sidequest stuff I'm working on now, but there's an alternate pre-boss I need to do to make the most of this evolution in item drops, Gambit kingpin Roulette, and the new Time Sto