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Okay, man, hard to even keep track of what’s going on here. It took about six hours, but the Destiny 2 Deep Stone Crypt raid has finally been cleared. I climbed the ladder, laughing, laughing, laughing. Okay, okay. There's a limit to how much the boss can laugh, but it's up to you if you want go faster or slow. There's more information here: Dark Souls vs Destiny 2: The Trials of Osiris

Dark Souls Prepare to die under the shadow of a thousand-year-old moon dweller in Destiny 2's Dark Souls analogue. This dungeon crawl will reevaluate your character's skill in both Titan and Titanfall. Battle your way to the boss fight, and defeat it at the cost of insane amounts of luck and destruction.

Destiny 2 Fights: Batarian Vanguard Keep the game mode balanced by reviewing the appropriate Discipline Trinkets and Gratuitous Shooting bags. Weapon choices will – inevitably – drastically affect your success. Firebase Patroling: Community Challenge

Firebase Chaos: Community Challenge​​​

Firebase Supreme: Community Challenge​​​

Firebase Red Veil: Community Challenge

Destiny 2 Strikes Finale: Fireteam Monologue​

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A livestream preview of this Friday's Fireteam Industry Spaces event went live just hours ago, and features our preview of Bungie's new cinematic levels, a new PvP map, and more.

@permalinkbgj If I don't score with someone, I'm not the same as anyone else on the leaderboards, right? Just wondering... — LeoCanteras​ (@vejos_02) March 28, 2016

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Heat vision is coming, @Ghandi0Panda.

@permalinkbgj Excited for all that heat vision ? — Nubianِ (@Shiv367Salorus) March 27, 2016

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Every Faction Grimoire Prophecy is now more mythic critical than legendary.

@permalinkbgj Nice - just thought I would pop in just incase they were updating. — Nubianِ (@Shiv367Salarus) March 27, 2016

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See you on the field of battle, @LRUpdateFirst members.

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