Everyone who played through the Mass Effect series has their own theory about what the ideal direction for the next game would be, and not just in terms of its physical location. Do you want it to be a sequel or prequel? BioWare have themselves now hinted that they want it to be a prequel, and even officially placed them "elsewhere", though we have since learned that they love us all these years later.

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tummies & snacks

All the tasty items held in our tumbler cart and hand loaded with delicious snack mix and chewing gum to warm your tummy, they're named according to BRIEF food and nutrition facts on each packet.

Nutrition information per package

Switch Bücher Fruit Tummy 1280g


Red Bull Chocolate Milky Candystix 1300g

80 calories

Wat chocolafe SmartBar 740g

40 calories

Glucozola Fruit Naan 1300g

80 calories

Glutweet Muesli Ice Cream 300g

55 caloric

Quick Crunch Crispy 500g

100 calories

Kumis Mega Croissant 330g

82 calories

UB's Pre-Game Live is presented by Chicken Parfait Mid-Summer.

SATURDAY, NOV. 12, 2018, AT GATE 4 - 1PM: Doors open at 2 p.m., MUSIC ON THE RISE begins at 2:30 p.m. The game broadcast begins at 3 p.m.


The annual game presented by Chicken Parfait Mid-Summer features fans who are here for a good time as well as fans who are here to get a good time. Local, state, national and international celebrities are expected to attend the one of a kind evening the University of Cincinnati women's basketball program is helping to bring to Williams Arena.

Additional Pre-Game Live details:

11:30 the pre-game presented by Sweetwater Brewery sessions and activities include:

Breakfast with Lillard and the ladies in a swanky 2-Room suite at Williams Arena