The Google Pixel 5 maybe be brand new, but you can already score a saving on one for Black Friday. Right now, the unlocked phone is discounted to just $649 at Amazon which is the lowest price we've seen on it since its release as well as the best Pixel 5 Black Friday deal so far. Supposedly, this sale will last for the next 24 hours so come on in and get yours before the clock ends!

Deal: Get the Google Pixel 5 32GB for $649 (Weight: 9.3lbs/4.1kg) at Amazon

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Google provided a little tease on the 8GB and 16GB Pixel XL on Thursday by sending off the Verified Pre-Order Pixel two for two to Verizon, and now the unlocked card will get its Black Friday price reduction. With the exclusions from the blog post regarding total storage, this deal is phenomenal Google is "there and there's no sign of the retailer rolling them out."

Whatever the future holds, XDA is still giving the Pixel 5 tough love on the pricing. It comes in at $550 for the 32GB and $660 for the 64GB. If you compare this to this YANDAD deal, you are looking at $860 for two Pixels on a two-year contract.

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One would be a mass migration of climate refugees toward Canada's Arctic and drier western provinces, and warmer weather could contribute to a big increase in wildfires and flooding. Or if the ice melts in the Arctic, another.

Swendelyn Williams, director of the Boreal Fund at NCCI, spoke to The Raw Story about the possibility that many Arctic communities would be forced to abandon their homesteads and move to safer and more orderly parts of the country, a prospect so remote few are holding onto the hope this could all go before the Greenland ice sheet melts.

"We believe at worst it's a possibility, because we don't know how people will react. At best it's a risk and there's no guarantee of that at all," Williams said.

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The Raw Story spoke to Williams and Marly-Marie Paterson, the executive director of the Actively Responsible Investment Union, a registered pension investment firm operating Canadian companies and is a member