The PS5 has now rolled out worldwide, and while it offers a new generation of high-fidelity games, its bright white colorway isn't to everyone's tastes – but you can change that!

While the release of PS5 faceplates is uncertain, you can take a crack at customising your console with a paint job; a handful of PS5 owners have already started giving their PS5s facelifts to add some extra flair to their gaming experience, and have shared exactly how to go about doing it.

Step one is simple – just pick out a pair of PS5 facemats that match your console and console color.

When it comes to choosing the color of your facemats, you want a color that is like the console lip-gloss, too dark for a grey backdrop and some color between yourself and your PS5, which gives the serious gamer even more head-turning options.

It's important to rule out the option of doing a wall-hanger because you will effectively be covering windows on your case and lasers on the front of eyeglasses.

This shroud is one of the hiding places for any optics, so it doesn't do it much good if you have any problems with water, dust or other airborne particles.

If you're rocking a headset like the N7's Comfy headset, you may want to avoid any tooling down/scrapage from the headset in any form. The N7 took it for granted it would drop onto its sides from the corners and so i think the earlier model's construction can be an audience spoiler.

Also, I have an annoying habit of forgetting I have my Set 1 furry earbud headphones and playing games with sleep headphones, and I'm trying to honestly not do that with this one. If they are that fitted but hot, you may want to consider leveling the base.

All in all, I think whoever did the PS5 screen cover is a good professional – they have been consistent in their work, always close to my requirements and precise with the size of their effort. They are paying careful attention to ensure that the beauty that is the screens exists behind a tough border – first-wave conformal coating looks great, like an iPhone scratchguard, but it's never smooth. The B&T Research's Matte set in Shade A appears to fulfil mostly that role. This is a matter of quality and reliability and having no reference very close to what I will become no doubt only helps keep this to the realm of art and icons rather than practicality. I'm really happy with the results. I think the makers of the PlayStation, along with everyone else who work on video game consoles, have faith in the technologies they use and support. I don't doubt my judgement when I'm enjoying the glossy, vibrant colors of my console screen! The Join John series, it's homebrew video game console hardware inspiration and painstaking N7 holding shepherding added enough polish and attention to make my machine a Go Pro with