A joint U.S. and Canadian mission by Boeing Co. and Lockheed Martin Corp. has launched a Sentinel-6 ocean-weather satellite that will become the U.S.'s leading "eyes-in" on ocean conditions.

The 14-pound satellite was launched this morning from Cape Canaveral Cape Canaveral Air Force Station on a United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket, according to Air Force officials.

The RatSat is built to hunt for rainfall and tsunamis that occur during tropical cyclones, according to Southern California Edison.

The 330-kilogram satellite carries 30 cameras designed to provide the ability to "see the global outlook for named storms, squalls, hurricanes and ballasts," according to ULA officials. Every image it takes can be easily shared with weather forecasting centers around the world, it said.

Boeing will oversee the operation of the mission. Lockheed Martin coordinates with several international partners, including NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Engineers from Boeing and Lockheed Martin will be collected to evaluate the instrument on each satellite, Boeing officials said.

Approximately 33 percent of the 22,000 members of the New York City Emergency Service Ordinance after-action review board are endorsing Ad Hoc Committee on Disaster Response launched by New York Mayor Bill de Blasio as part of his responses to Hurricane Sandy earlier this month, according to board members.

At the meeting Friday evening, 900 Unit secretary Peyton Park was announced as the co-executive director of the board -- two years into her 38-year career in the Emergency Service Department. Park, a Ward 12 PBA office development and Flatbush native, will also serve on the organization's board of directors. Gwen Jacobs, 99th Precinct firefighter for six years, said that when Park gave her her membership card there were a lot of tears in the room.

Community Services Board president Campbell Walker, who cofounded the group of volunteer board members who foresaw the city's slow recovery and responded accordingly, said that instead of seeing table service, the volunteer board members saw pieces of equipment going down city streets during Hurricane Sandy. Ad Hoc Committee member Norma Blair said, "We think there's value to having direct access to leaders within SOE as it pertains to taking action on the ground away from headquarters."

Jackson says that Thursday morning, the service board met for orientation and formed the firm's leadership team with the goal to make it a collaborative and an inclusive work environment through open, thorough and objective discussions. They offered Schwartz Ranch