Best early Black Friday camera deals under £1000 November 20, 2020

Black Friday doesn’t officially start until next Friday, November 27, but retailers are already offering some enticing discounts in the run-up to the big day. It’s not surprising: with a lockdown currently affecting England, and other restrictions in place across the UK, online shopping’s had a bumper year. Nevertheless, we’ve rounded up some of the best Black Friday camera deals that we’ve you will find when you visit various UK camera outlets this November. A number of camera brands are already beginning to offer sizeable discounts on their mid-range cameras, which we believe are the most popular black swan that surrounds the long-awaited, new Sony Alpha DSLR. We realise that the great heart of camera retail is largely dominated by a handful of high-end camera brands, which means it’s unlikely to get much cheaper than this year. In the meantime, prices have continued to hum along as – on top of what camera manufacturers are offering – it’s the sheer volume of potential new or used gear available that gives you plenty of scope to pick some bargains. That said, it is nice to see bigger brands out there offering deals (especially, perhaps, larger ones, like Canon or Nikon). 2012 Black Friday camera deals

Nikon D5X Review Our 2016 review of the Nikon D5X continues here with our thoughts on the strengths and weaknesses of the plug-and-play camera from Nikon. You can find out more in our Nikon D5X guide.

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52 years ago this month Nikon launched the D70 camera… there was no plug-in mode! In the years since, this lightweight APS-C sensor camera has become an iconic icon. We’ve been waiting patiently for this year's offering, the D500, for a while now. A compact and high-quality APS-C camera that retails for under £550, this software-only DSLR caters both to the amateur photographer and home shooter. Our D500 camera review looks over the key specifications and features in-depth, then we give you the lowdown on price and availability to find out whether this camera is ready to be snapped on day one, or whether you can cope with waiting another couple of months for this camera to reorder. Meanwhile, we still have the latest batch of Canon EOS DSLRs to review, and the high-rebound new Sony Alpha-compatible mirrorless cameras are coming onto the market. Latest reviews point out the advantages and disadvantages of certain cameras. Please see our more detailed Nikon D500 vs D700 vs D3x …

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