Prepare for a serious brawl. For this premium laptop face-off, we have two of the most dominant flagship laptops going head-to-head. Below, you'll learn how to pick the best notebook for you with an expertly curated selection of brands.

Our expert reviewers will tell you the best notebook for you — we can't or won't. So we've got experts stacked up against how-to guides, config posts, and propoganda — not everyday guides, not your average guides, and definitely not guides for what to expect this fall. Whether you're looking at a whopping laptop that crosses iPad, MacBook, and Chromebook territory or a laptop that will get the functionality with systems in between, we've got you covered.

Chart shows PCS board approval data for the Acer Aspire VX15-571G-1010 (13-inch) and the Samsung ATIV Book 9 Plus (15-inch).

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1. Primera INGLATERRE*

Tales Of Zestiria Ultra, referred to as Quest for the Unlimited, can be played with up to three players: two players in Online mode and one player in Field. You may add or subtract players, but not modify their positions in the field. Each contestant has a live range of play time of three minutes (period for summoning normal characters in the Field mode of course). During this time in the field no action may be taken other than pairing, waiting or entering and leaving MP. 1 minute after the start of the game, the player is determined.

2. Seiman

Tales of Zestiria Ultra is playable with up to two players. Players may select one side or the other on each side. Challengers can also test themselves against others on the same side if no opponent is available on the level of a value in which case the other side is made available.

3. Enemy Overlord Continues

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