Mario is still the king of the track, although now he runs in the living room at home.

By Roberto Pineda / November 21, 2020, 14: 003 Comments

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit is Nintendo’s latest occurrence; bet on merging the gameplay of the franchise with the possibility of create circuits in real places and the use of everyday objects to shape each track.

It has also brought some colorful characters within the world of Mario Kart to life. Terry Bermudez was the one who sent out this tweet showing off the three rainbow Road courses he, along with other Mario Kart fans created for the game's launch at realitycon:

Building layers of paint to create coloured tracks. Quite a challenge, but musically formed stages also look fun. 😃 — Terry Bermudez (@TerryBermudez) November 20, 2018

[C]lones of plastic. On a rainbow tarmac. A good match. What else could you ask for? — Terry Bermudez (@TerryBermudez) 59 continued...

See, it's not completely impossible, as there's another way one could approach the Rainbow Road racing and if on a smaller scale. For 3D printing with plastic micro shapes you only need a 3D printer; you need to use thin plastic sheets to produce small hexagons, triangles and pentagons. In my humble opinion, per scale, you could create a smaller standard-sized Rainbow Road track in less than an hour.

If you the 3D Printer chose transparent plastic with no plastic backing, you could still create perhaps more interesting circuits; with all layer paint and markers with film coated plastic, you could then create your ultimate version of Rainbow Road. With additional light layers and the use of more paint than usual, your Rainbow Road track eventually becomes an enhanced Mario Kart 8 experience. Another possibility is to order a good package at your local book stores (Think of the same qualities that you would imagine a such a LEGO model being sold for), but what do you use as paint?

At this point, you could have created some authentic electric, robot, ... you name it! That would make for a complete Simpsons universe released within the Nintendo world! Loaded isn't it? What comparisons want lad toby around on cement?

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