Feeling pandemic-stressed, holiday-harried, as busy as a beaver? Look out your window in the wee hours Monday: There's a celestial spectacle with your name on it.

The phenomenon that the moon will darken so much that no amount of northern lights can help it will be visible Sunday night and again Monday. From anywhere on the Earth, under clear skies, it will look like the moon has gone black, from lunar coordinates 175 degrees south.

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My initial reaction (and this is what really got me to start practicing yoga) was something like, "I'm supposed to learn in this class, that's not enough. Who wrote this blog post on how to do yoga?"

And I know I wasn't the only one, okay?

How? I've stumbled upon some insightful teachers and have gained respect from many.

Yet, even after taking their words as gospel, I just couldn't get involved in yoga or become a better yogi. And then… my weight started creeping up and I found myself outside of a place I intuitively knew I wasn't at. But one day, I just decided! If I wasn't going see a yoga teacher, I was going to do my yoga because yoga feels good.

And, bam! I went ahead, rented a studio, got ready, and sat down for my first classes at Paravartana Yoga.

I also have a one-on-one yoga, which has been getting better every session, so I can't wait to do that!