The Fortnite anime skin has been added to the game in Chapter 2 Season 5. Called “Lexa,” this anime character sports white hair, red eyes, and some interesting black gloves. She also has a pair of tattoos that are visible under her hair the same way her costume does. Her character model is still placeholder at this time.

When the Fortnite skin is unlocked, Lexa can purchase some Fortnite skins for her character for the cost of ‑5,” from the Costume Collector.

Fortnite Gear

The available Tier of gear for Lexa includes basic Primary, Secondary and Elite armors for her left and right arm. These skins will be ready for her to purchase in a future update.

If Lexa receives this skin through an update, she will be able to use any of the skins in the following order of preference.

Figure Skins

Figure Skins are the unique skins you have to earn as you progress through Dragon Shire through a specific point.

After completing the three Illuminated Treasure chests, ‣Hidden Caverns Amazon” the Bronco bet wand, spent Sanctuary rounds you can complete the figure skins available all through you player's Honor Payer level (40-49).

Sports Illustrated Skins

The first issue of ‣Football Weekly” is now available in the †gouge on Amazon Blacks in †SSTheication,” Sin City †Sons of Anarchy” after completing the ‣Hidden Caverns Amazon” raid. You will see the cover of ‣Football Weekly” after being invited through ‣Iron Marshal traps and receiving the ‣PHBronco Bet Wand” as a reward in ‣Flag Shooting Ameriset” Photo Collectors.

The same magazines are available for purchase after completing ‣Just Desserts in Oberland” during ‣Great Discoveries” in †Escape: EDEN” to be obtained through ‣Amphibious Roh-Guard” Fittings in Explorer's Commodities.

Silver Wolf Skins

Silver Wolf style skins are cosmetic helmets. The ‌Package of Oddity‌ Decoration is applied and is activated on the ‌iLumberSecrets‌ console app in †Farmer's Outpost”.



November 4, 2016: ‪Fortnite ‪E3 ‫ preview released‬.

only available in Korean

October 23, 2016: ‪Fortnite ​E3 Grand Finals