Psyonix released another Rocket League trailer this week to show off more content from the upcoming Season 2 that’s starting on December 9th. Following some teases of what’s to come in the next season that ranged from arenas to other interesting features, Psyonix showed off more of its recurring Rocket Pass formula and what that will look like in Season 2.

Along with a new starting point in Florida that will give fans of more classic Rocket League (with tiers on the fields) another arena with at least one extra track.

That′s just the beginning, however. Of the many features that other channels, like Twitch, have shown off this year, Psyonix finally showed off its in-game broadcast and mission cams, letting viewers see and hear (and interact with) what the community has to show at all times. Some will be featured and some will be 16x. That would also make for some interesting viewing experiences for Psyonix back in October, especially on an Xbox One but maybe what you're going for there is a PS4 one as well.

One thing that was exciting was the new kart based Livery System, which also shows off Rocket League′s trademark customization in a greater visual display reminiscent of Unreal Tournament. There were new and older cars on display and each could be seen in various combinations through the customizations.

In addition to its features, the new trailer also showed off some more motion captured footage of in-game footage superimposed over, which should be new to many a gamer as it was shown as 1:1 speed projected footage. The last time Psyonix got to show off that was back when Rocket League launched including a brand new trailer from its first day.

Rocket League Season 2 is slated to launch in late December for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Stay tuned to the source link and continue to watch GameSpot for more coverage and full trailers and episodes on featuring Psyonix in

GameSpot's hands-on review of Rocket League ends tomorrow

Additional Research: Miles Riddell on Psyonix

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