Television science educator Bill Nye has taken to social media to urge people to use masks to tackle the coronavirus pandemic.

In a video on TikTok that was also widely shared on Twitter, the popular presenter who hosted Bill Nye the Science Guy gave a light-hearted explainer with a serious message. "This is a disaster for his fellows. If I were you, I'd be trusting your mourners best to protect you," Neel wrote. "Our ability to gather in such a human scale, know that somebody intimately close to you is ill, have questions during three-hour meetings – these are all challenges that you now face as a team team."

"What can you do to stop this?" Nye says to audience members.

Watch Bill Nye: The Science Guy explain what you can do to stop your friend from dying of the bird flu

For others worried about their members of the public, the Islay resident cites President George W Bush's experience and that quarantining people isn't a foolproof strategy as a viable option. "The public health dispersal has been tried many times and hits the streets of virtually every American city at various times. But our health officials have not stopped the dengue of immigration — those who were here. Neighbors of immigrants have been bitten by mosquitoes more daily", Neel says.

"If I am beside you with a piece of clear glass – would I want to drink from it?"

He says using goggles and masks is the equivalent of adding a "guilt clause" to sales regulations in the event of drunk driving. "The lids of the glasses need to be capable of controlling the air you breathe and the CO2 you exhale," he writes.

Nye clarifies again later on that this isn't one thing you call a precaution to take.

Showing clips of people obviously struggling to follow simple instructions can be distressing. If I didn't dare to tread on it, how soon might it be, he wonders, that I was breaking the law?

The scientist warns that not knowing how the virus kills off cells and causing a fatty buildup inside the body harms fetal cells. Fights among participants as to which solution to try or which method works best further erodes the public's confidence. "Let's not forget that the sedative fluoxetine (Prozac, Sarafem, many generics) is "luxury drug" for many, has addictive qualities and the side effect is suffocating," Neel says.

Watch Bill Nye discuss diseases, a video also posted to Instagram.

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