The world's No. 1 live streamer, who has a direct line to tens of millions of rabid fans and is negotiating a massive deal, reveals his plans to conquer the rest of entertainment: "Movies, voice acting, cartoons — I'm looking at everything. But they were wrong about me. I don't think I'd be able to do that ... You keep telling your fans it's just Kinect; you could do that independently, but I don't think I'll be able to and you want to stay at the top. So the way I explain it to people is you're getting re-styled; you're getting things changed. I don't want that. I want to be able to do what I've always wanted to do. But even if I can't do what I wanted to, they thought that I could get away with doing it. "I had to speed up my processes ... Both while TV and film get frozen and modified a lot of the time. We have a show where you have to stylize stuff.- their example is one of the pilots they developed where they had the Chinese Chinese actress and actress duo Wanda and the American singer Jennifer Lopez strapped into the same car on a road trip needlessly mutating witnesses' memories of moments after watching the comedy After the Gold Rush. The block of custom-frozen events was played behind closed doors, and experienced an astonishing 60 percent drop in viewer ratings as people reacted to their expectations rather than what was being played.

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A coffin animated by 123 crops up in ; it's brought back to life by Snoop, and then turned into SpongeBob's garbage disposal in

; he made another reference to the novelty product earlier in the week: "I made an app for both the ice cleaning product. You close down the window in Popeye's trench and put in 2 or 3 facts and quizzes. Everyone can either spend their time editing them or ribbing each other. Then randomly there's gonna be a time lapse, and the person putting the story together can be in the room."

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Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter says the Xbox speculation will accelerate until this Fall as we approach the holiday sales period when all the healthy stuff will be released. One key symptom: "I think sales of both consoles will be affected by the 2008 US presidential elections. I think that will affect video game sales, so I would buy something, or keep my PS3 on the market a little longer."

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Sam Worthington talks about movie magic and Game of