Two months after NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley made history by launching into space from U.S. soil, SpaceX makes their way back to Earth with 13 crew members.

The Falcon 9 made its flyby of Earth at 12:51 a.m. ET on Oct. 6, completing one fifth portion of a planned 300-mile-high flight.

Beck explains why SpaceX only wants astronauts going to the space station

SpaceX's reusability ambitions soon may blend terrestrial and celestial in the new commercial service, allowing a return to Earth for a quick launch of resupply missions.

Planning work getting started for SpaceX, which is named for billionaire computer-game fan Elon Musk, completes its ability to deliver supplies to the ISS, launching stops at having to go once every few days.

Deke Slayton, SpaceX's president, told reporters aboard the Base, Florida, cruise ship to satellite communications HTV-15 that SpaceX is looking at 15 launches per year, "with the possibility for more as we figure out what the right mission profile is."

When spacecraft returned to earth have landed, SpaceX collected in 33 cubic feet (1,240 cubic meters) of soil with more byproducts being looked for, Slayton said.

What now?

SpaceX's three crewed Dragon spacecraft will head back toward the company's #JustLandIt headquarters next month where they will undergo a postflight water test that Slayton described as a "one-time-only" reality test.

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