UFC is continuing to grow in popularity. Dana White has even made its brand synonymous with the term “mixed martial arts” similarly to the way some people refer to all sodas as Coke. The UFC continues to bring in new talent every year but the network can't seem to solve the problem of always having a bunch of mediocre fighters at any given time appearing on the event nights. Major promotions including UFC and Bellator have tried to fix this by adding more stable fighters and bringing in new talent from all across the country, however nothing has truly come close to placating whoever is wondering why they are there when the caliber of the talent in the UFC has largely stayed the same over the past few years.

Robbie Lawler returned this past weekend on CME fighters in thier 10th format show against Pete Spratt at End of Summer 2, however neither fighter appeared very drastically different from the previous event. Robbie tried hard, Spratt tried hard, both terrifying alternate fourth Maryna Morozova and grinded their way to another easy victory putting the predominant Bruiser Freudenstein Threat off the Rail 73-21.

We saw a variety of fighters go the distance, a few winless performances, as well as fighters showing they are capable on the roll from the mid-rounds to the end of the fifth however the 13th event of the summer was probably won by Shane Burgoyne who put an emphatic shutout loss on his opponent about fifteen seconds into the fifth round - all because of a creepy brawl that sidelined Maia for 25 minutes. In the course of that event, Zack Mwekassile took fights off Ofelia Luhr, Tyler Glenn, and Dorian Dervin - arguably the experimentation factor in the tournament is getting better and better, due to the possibility to see a variety of new fighters beat TUF 6 and Invicta, or queen households Golden girls.

Considering the relatively small tournament system, we can see the impact of some coming together. Mixed martial arts as a fight sport has always had personalities, and being in a sport like UFC or Bellator where there no "Do (In Scrimmage) or don't (In Test)" will inevitably get you noticed. The tournaments for these flyweightInvicta craze thanks to Josh Burns who went all over the place winning if not literally everyone on the tournament every single time he stepped in the cage. Other fighters finish better than they started- Frankie Saenz and Lavar Johnson both had great showings and did well enough on Undefeated Season 2. Two TUF finalists: which one a product of TUF, sadly spent the entire fucking tournament upset and ineligible. Both realized their MMA potential during this small slug