If you are an Android enthusiast, you must be familiar with OxygenOS. It is OnePlus’s take on Android and a fan favourite for being bloatware free and smooth. The OPO series follow that option.

We have been told that the OPO3 will have Android 7.1.2 Nougat on board along with its OTA software update. The security patches have already been seeded to users. Huawei Matebook and Alcatel OneTouch TuneBook X both just recently got the latest version of Cyanogen9 on board.

The OPO3 is going to run on the Snapdragon 820 chipset with 6GB RAM, 64GB / 128GB ROM, Adreno 530 GPU and 3,100 mAh battery. It comes with a dual-camera setup with 13MP sensor on back and 8MP sensor on front. Although this phone is low profile and a small model, it will not make much noise in this world because of its qualities. Though its latest mid-range appearance doesn't look cutting-edge and its look has been sketchy, it is more than capable enough as a daily driver.

Known partners that will be promoting the OPO3 are Japan's UPS to check the order status, Facebook to promote and Want Japan to promote the OnePlus Deal.

Payment gate will have 2 variants: "Style" and "Style+". Customers will be able to get either one or the other on lease free. Pricing is not yet announced but it will be somewhere between the 32GB one and 64GB one. These phones will not come to the USA just yet but OnePlus will be doing an extensive outreach in the US in the latter part of 2016 enthusiasts.

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