Apple today marked the return of NHL hockey with a new "Shot on iPhone" ad on its YouTube channel in Canada.

Titled "Hockey Tape," the 30-second video features Vegas Golden Knights players Marc-André Fleury and Mark Stone having some on-ice fun with the iPhone 11 Pro, which they attach to the boards, a hockey stick, and a skate with hockey tape.

"As put together by Apple, today's ad shows what happens when you invest in an iPhone via iPhone 11: you get the best goalie on the planet,'' Gale Canada's Tom Zambaughi says in the intro.

Fleury tells the camera "The mission of our team, in addition to winning, is tradition."

The ad shows the Golden Knights' goalie rest his puck on the place, says "We got bears on our goalie, so we're here to take the bears,'' and dangles the iPhone 11 over the boards.

The undersized Fleury molds the sticks, while Stone tries to save the puck, occasionally gliding sideways, but still capturing the action.

"In hockey, you don't have a lot of time to process what happens when you don't have time to process your practice or your game,'' Fleury tells the camera. "Google so you have imagery you pass on to your people, that can be before or after."

After the voice-over from Zambaughi, the ad reveals that Apple had interviewed five hockey players, including Steve Bernier of the Vegas Golden Knights, for the spot.

"There are no words to describe what we experienced just by getting our hands on this combination,'' Apple Senior Vice President of Features & Creative Phil Schiller says in a video that follows. "With apps in your pocket, it's really fun to see how far you can push yourself.''

The ad is in four languages, including English and French and all countries of Canada, the United States, and over 200 countries. (See the ad here.)

The "Shot on iPhone" ad marks the second time that Apple has used NHL players via its promotions. Back at the end of last season, Apple used Kosta Papoulias of the Chicago Blackhawks to promote the new iPhone 7.

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