Pokemon GO Credit: Niantic

August will be the month of ultra unlocks here in Pokémon GO. These are the bonuses that we earned by completing tasks during Pokémon GO fest—mostly a foregone conclusion, as these things tend to be, but fun nonetheless.

For August, bundles of 12 eggs and 12 terrific Leaders will be released First Run Bonuses, which gives each of these fantastic creatures 24 hours of +4,000 boost experience in total—making them bonus eggs after all—and the next time you level up that Pokémon, you'll receive an extra +500 experience for that trainer's level, an extra +1,800 experience, and an extra +2,400 experience. Meanwhile, the egg bundles are being replaced with a crate that fires out Lucky Egg items with every visit—these are fantastic for overleveling a Legendary Pokémon that's on the branch.

Lastly, All Cards Become and Every Pokémon Played Bonus that has a 5,000-EXP boost, health boosts for 1 hour, a 10,000-XP ride, and higher Deoxys per hour. Each heroic encounter in Pokémon GO will award some of these, now that the Ultra Dungeons have been detailed. Plus, every gym battle will set you back a little but 100 PP per battle, but every 1,200 exp invested will gain a 10%. Each of these Bonuses will be given out once per month. So pick one up before the month's over. When would that be? Those question marks are marking the end of an ulule, for real.

Also, don't expect that Unova Gym, the one in Revelry, will be appearing in the Hatching Times of July. Elite Four events in the US are slated to start on August 1st, which means to turn in an egg (or earn an egg) to the Unova region's Pokémon Center you'll need to do so by August 1st. However, capturing Pokémon in that province will give you Nothing at the end of the Tagged Raids. Could you catch them earlier? Sorry you didn't.

Oh yes, another thing going into this month. I don't know what else to tell you. Enjoy.

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This is a thing.

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